• Some general info:

    • The point of the story is a "What if" scenario - what if Student Council killing game was a regular one instead of 8 minutes massacre.
    • The protagonist will be Soshun Murasame to reference his role as a leader of the student council and sole survivor (besides Izuru) of the tragedy.
    • The format will be of course in classic DR style, so expect a lot of Breaks, Consents, etc. during trials. Also, I will include CYOA form for the Free Time events (readers choose who to spend time with).
    • The title will be Danganronpa 0: IF. 0 will reference pre-DR 1 killing game and IF references the fact that's it's just an alternate timeline (aka a fanfiction :P ).
    • The killing game will occur in the exact same building in which the Captives are kept in Towa City.
    • The victims will wear bracelets, similarly to the Future Foundation killing game. However, unlike that one, everyone will have the same NG Codes which will prevent from the same things, like leaving the building or going on higher floors where the relatives are kept.


    They're also locked in the same apartment in which the Captives from DR AE were locked in. I guess locations inside it are classic stuff like private rooms, bathrooms, changing room, swimming pool, restaurant, main hall. Captives are locked on higher floors where the students aren't allowed to go or else they'll die due to their NG Codes.


    • Soshun Murasame (Ultimate Moral Compass [formerly], Ultimate Class President) - basically the Makoto/Hajime/Kaede of this game. The leader one who cares about the whole group and is determined to save all of them. This, along with his talent, is what makes him a great leader. He's also great at investigations and trials.
    • Kotomi Ikuta (Ultimate Caregiver [formerly], Ultimate Class Vice President) - basically the female Soshun, minus his love for respecting the rules. As her title suggests, she cares deeply about the others, even more so than Soshun. Her goal is also to keep everyone alive. Good at investigations and trials. Often works with Soshun, forming a non-confirmed relationship with him and being the deuteragonist (like Nagito in first chapter of DR 2 or Shuichi in the first of DRV3).
    • Karen Kisaragi (Ultimate Mathematician [formerly], Ultimate Secretary - one of nerdy characters. As her talent says, she's great at mathematics, which got her the role of a secretary. Like the other ones of the "confirmed trio", she's good at investigations and trials. She's however weak when it comes to Monokuma's motives...
    • Sousuke Ichino (Ultimate Politician) - as an aspiring politician, he wants to win the support of the others. Thus, he tends to act cool and confident, even though he is not deep inside. He's attracted to Kiriko. He's usually wrong during the trials, which upsets him.
    • Shouji Yokoo (Ultimate Model) - Since nothing about him was revealed other than his unique design, I decided that he'll be all about appearance, hence his title. Similarly to Sousuke, he'll be acting cool around the others, except it'll come out much more natural for him. Again, similarly to Sousuke, he'll be much less confident inside, hiding insecurities that he's useless when it comes to anything other than his appearance (think of often injured TDA Justin).
    • Suzuko Kashiki (Ultimate Policewoman) - as I described several times, I want her to be tomboyish. Had rough childhood, which made her brave now and seek justice in the world, hence her role as a Policewoman. Naturally for her talent, she's one of those students good at investigations and trials. Enemies with Kiriko early on, forms an unexpected friendship with her as of later.
    • Ryouta Someya (Ultimate Sharpshooter) - Although his talent requires him to be smart, it also requires him to be fast, which is why he tends to have good ideas that are actually worse when thought about more deeply (think of his strategy for the tragedy). His goal is to murder the masterminds of the game to let the world free of such evildoers. He's also easy to jump to conclusions during the trials.
    • Kiriko Nishizawa (Ultimate Hairdresser) - being a girl whose talent is about appearance, she is this classic girly girl and a bit of a ditz, which makes Sousuke easily become attracted to her. She is however more interested in Shouji, his hairstyle specifically. Enemies with a tomboyish Suzuko early on, until the latter decides to open Kiriko's eyes about their situation and teach her how to be tough. As a result of such teaching, she's not interested in romances, which makes Sousuke's attraction to her one-sided.
    • Tsubasa Kamii (Ultimate Romance Writer) - her talent says it all. She's one of those girls dreaming about finding their perfect princes, even despite the situation she's currently in. This makes her easily bond with her soulmate, Tarou and quickly form an official relationship with him.
    • Tarou Kurosaki (Ultimate Playwright) - as expected of ultimate playwright, he puts his heart into every detail of the works he writes for school performances and theatre. Just like Tsubasa, he seeks a perfect romance. This makes them quickly bond and form the relationship they find perfect.
    • Daiki Kubo (Ultimate Comedian) - Since Ryouta is already a serious character despite his design, I'd love Daiki to be a comic relief type of character due to his goofy design. Also, as a comic relief character, expect him to suck at the trials.
    • Aiko Umesawa (Ultimate Weather Forecaster) - a small and cute girl whose personality is also cute. Basically the Moe that she already is. She's also extremely scared of dying.
    • Asukasei Hino (Ultimate Counselor) - an intelligent and nerdy guy who's read a lot and who has a huge knowledge thanks to that, which made him give advices to the others, resulting in his talent. He's one of those students who are good at investigations and trials. Think of non-egoistic Byakuya Togami from DR1.
    • Tomohiko Gouryoku (Ultimate Bodyguard) - the strong student whose goal is to protect everyone from the game's dangers, just like the Class President's and Vice President's. Ironically, he tends to make mistakes in his ways of protecting others.


    Well, the point is to just turn the 8 minutes massacre into a more regular killing game, so therefore not much regarding the overall plot of the series (other than the events past the tragedy taking place several days later due to the tragedy lasting longer and the fate of the survivor). Thus, the masterminds are naturally Junko, Mukuro and Izuru (although he's bored quickly whenever he helps, so Mukuro has to continue his tasks).

    • As for the location, I chose it to be the apartment in which students' relatives were locked in in Towa City because they were already somehow located there and locked in their rooms so they wouldn't really be a trouble for the killing game. The other idea was the Hope's Peak Overseas location, but it wasn't finished at that point.

    Plot and killing order


    Classic stuff. Protagonist wakes up in enclosed area. He's introduced to everyone alongside the first person he meets (Kotomi). Monokuma appears and explains the game. The students investigate what they can (NG Codes forbid them from visiting some areas or leaving the apartment during the game).

    Chapter 1

    • Motive: Monokuma (Junko) predicts that the students may not want to kill each other, so the motive is that if the students won't start the killing game themselves, Monokuma will have one of the most useful students killed instead. Monokuma also promises to provide the information about their kidnapped relatives once the trial is over.
    • Plot: Tomohiko, being the bodyguard, chooses those who are "useful" and those who are "inferior". He decides that the "superior" ones (himself, Soshun, Kotomi, Suzuko and Ryouta) will be locked somewhere during the end of the deadline so that it'd save both the "inferior" and "superior" students. Everyone agrees, although some of those considered "inferior" develop insecurities or it strangthens their already existing insecurities.
    • Victim: Tomohiko Gouryoku.
    • Killer: Aiko Umesawa.
    • Reason: Tomohiko was still worried his plan would fail since the mastermind has an access to the entire apartment, meaning the "useful" students wouldn't actually be safe anywhere. Thus, he decides to protect the majority by making sure the "superior" students survive and it's one of the nuisances who gets killed. To do this, he sneaks out of the "superior" students' hiding place and chooses the small Aiko for his victim, believing they'd need strength while approaching the mastermind, which Aiko clearly lacks. However, Aiko manages to avoid Tomohiko's attack, causing him to die instead.
    • References:
      • Like Sayaka, the first victim actually attempted to kill someone and but was killed instead.
      • The victim-killer roles are reversed from ones from one of the earliest murders of the Tragedy.
      • Aiko doesn't reveal what she did until the truth is found out at the trial because she's scared of dying, which is a reference to her "I don't want to die, I don't want to die" moment from the Tragedy.

    Chapter 2

    • Motive: Monokuma reveals the students' relatives are kept on higher floors of the same apartment they are locked in. However, entering those floors is forbidden with one of the rules of NG Code.
    • Plot: Remaining students think of a way to survive. Ryouta decides they should kill the masterminds. He abandonds the idea for now after asked how he wants to do it if the mastermind only appears in the form of Monokuma and they can't enter forbidden places due to their NG Codes, Ryouta reveals he'll cut off his arm if necessary to enter forbidden parts of appartment. Although, he abandons this idea as well due to lack of any nurse around to prevent a potential death from bleeding. Meanwhile, Suzuko teaches Kiriko how to be smart, seeing as how she has no chances to survive if she'd remain her girly, ditzy self.
    • Victim: Ryouta Someya.
    • Killer: Karen Kisaragi.
    • Reason: Ryouta happens to witness how Karen goes near the stairs to forbidden location and is about to cut off her own arm to be able to enter it without dying due to NG Code. Ryouta tries to stop her because going there alone could be dangerous since mastermind might be there as well. She insists on going there because unlike the others, she only has her mother and is really worried for her. Ironically, Karen accidentally pushes Ryouta on the stairs, causing him to die from poisoning due to breaking one of the rules. Being afraid of the murder she caused, she leaves the place. In order to survive for her mother, Karen tries to be active during the trial because she already was one of the most active students during the last one and she didn't want to make herself look suspicious due to being silent. However, the truth is eventually found out anyway.
    • References:
      • The victim-killer scenario is actually the exact same as the first murder caused by a student during the Tragedy.
        • The reason behind the murder is the same too (except more backstory is revealed here).
      • Ryouta plans to kill the masterminds, just like during the Tragedy. Although here, he agrees to abandon the idea for the time necessary.

    Chapter 3

    • Motive: Monokuma promises to give each student information about their school life - their talent (in case of Class President, Vice President and already dead Secretary due to their titles being changed since they got those roles), their relationships, friendships and conflicts - once the murder occurs and the trial ends.
    • Plot: Sousuke tries to ask Kiriko out. Having taken Suzuko's instruction a bit too much to her heart, she rejects him due to believing their situation isn't a place for romance. Witnessing the scene, Tarou asks Tsubasa out for their own date and due to their common love for romantic stuff, she agrees.
    • Victim: Tarou Kurosaki and Tsubasa Kamii
    • Killer: Kiriko Nishizawa
    • Reason: After some lessons on how to be tough to survive by Suzuko that she got a bit differently than she wanted, Kiriko becomes all about her survival. She believes there is no place for romance. Thus, she decides to kill the lovebirds of the group and to frame the guy attracted to her, believing everyone would expect him to be the culprit after the rejected him in the restaurant in the morning in front of the others. The truth is eventually found out and it's mostly thanks to Sousuke (much to his dismay), the one time when he was right during a trial.
    • References:
      • This fanfic continues what Dark calls a "Chapter 3 curse", with chapter 3 having 2 victims.
      • Kiriko wants to frame Sousuke in being the killer of the couple. Ironically, he was their killer during the Tragedy.
      • Also ironically, Kiriko is killed by Sousuke during the Tragedy. Here, the one time Sousuke is good at the trial, it gets her killed.

    Chapter 4

    • Motive: Monokuma keeps his word and gives each student information about their school life (friendships, conflicts, etc.). He threatens to reveal the information of every student to everyone if the next murder doesn't happen.
    • Plot: Suzuko is mad at herself that her tips "created a monster" and believes it should've been Asukasei who'd bring senses into Kiriko. Soshun and Kotomi work together to form a new strategy to keep everyone alive.
    • Victim: Kotomi Ikuta.
    • Killer: Sousuke Ichino.
    • Reason: Sousuke was scared of his secret. It revealed that as a Politician, he was upset when he didn't get to win any of the functions in the Student Council - Class President, Vice President or even a Secretary. He believed he wasn't a worthy Politician if he failed the students to choose him for the Class President. Thus, not wanting his secret to come out (cuz everyone would find out he's, according to himself, not worthy of his talent) and seeking revenge on those who got the title he desired, he decides to kill Soshun. However, thanks to his "Plot Armor" Soshun was at a different place at the moment of attempted murder. Thus, Sousuke decided to kill Vice President instead.
    • References:
      • Soshun doesn't get killed because he's the main protagonist and has to survive to reference his role of survivor from the canon.
      • The motive is very similar to the one from Chapter 2 of DR1.
        • Thus, the culprit has also similar reason to murder, although here it was intentional.

    Chapter 5

    • Motive: Noticing how tight the remaining group has become, Monokuma says that if there won't be a next murder, they're going to have a trial with him where they'll have to confirm the identities of 3 masterminds of the game. He gives them profiles of the students of class 77-B (as a red herring), 78 and information about Izuru project. All the information includes (sans for the article about Izuru project) is only the students' pictures, full names and talents.
    • Plot: Naturally, the students don't want another murder and trial to happen, so they attempt to figure out the mastermind by the information they've got. They theorize Izurur has to be one of them since he has a whole seperate article just for him. They also theorize Chiaki Nanami had to be one of them since she was her class's representative for the Student Council and she wasn't present during this game. They also theorize there should be one mastermind per class (+ Izuru), so they choose either Mondo or Mukuro as their suspect from 78th class.
    • Victim: Daiki Kubo.
    • Killer: Soushun Murasame.
    • Reason: Being one of the most active sudents at all investigations and trials, Soushun knows suspicions mean nothing if they're not confirmed by evidence and that their potential trial is bound to fail, especially since his friends can't agree who the suspect from 78th class should be. As a result, he loses hope and temporarily falls to despair. In order to maintain his goal of keeping as many students alive as possible, he kills the comedian, knowing that he wouldn't be useful in the trial. With the murder, he knows that at least either he or his remaining friends will survive as opposed to everyone dying in the potential trial. However, valuying life and being scared of death, he also doesn't give up during the trial like Aiko, tries to be as active as he used to be like Karen, and attempts to frame Suzuko (framing the only remaining female into killing one of the males) like Kiriko to hide his weakness like Sousuke. In the end, his crime turns out to be perfect as no one chooses the correct culrit and the others die in execution that would be Soushun's (how I believe such case would turn out if the killer won).
    • References:
      • Soushun is the sole survivor of the game like in canon.
        • There's also the "Killer wins" ending not only because it's despair-inducing, but also because there couldn't be the "Boss fight trial" because each mastermind has to be alive for the plot of the rest of the series to happen.


    This part is already fully planned. I won't reveal it so even the users who decided to help me will have some surprises. ;) Let's just say the surviving killer won't get unpunished.

    More details about the plot and clues

    • Chapter 1:
      • Tomohiko chooses two rooms for those "more valuable" members of the group to be locked in at the time of the end of the deadline; one for boys, one for girls. He'll leave the room at night and will be noticed by our protagonist (Soshun's testimony), who'll also live there at this point. However, he'll say he only wants to go to the bathroom and it'll be so late at night that Soshun won't bother to interfere due to feeling tired. I was also thinking about a note explaining Tomohiko's idea that he'd write, but if he left it in the room, it'd make the trial too easy. And if he took it with himself while going to kill Aiko, it just wouldn't make sense. Too bad because it'd make sense for her to hide the note.
    • Chapter 2:
      • Since Ryouta will die as a result of NG Code due to being on the stairs of forbidden area, everyone will at first assume it was his doing or an accident. The first clue to the murder (rather than suicide) would be that Monokuma still announced body discovery and the upcoming trial. Another one would be that he abandoned his idea of going to forbidden places.
      • I noticed Ryouta has several teddy bears in his pockets. Let's have one of them being accidentally ripped in half during his fight with Karen and falling on the ground, a bit away from the stairs so that it will be known someone had to attack him (if it fell on the stairs it'd still look as if he went there himself).
    • Chapter 3:
    • So I've been listening to the opening of DR The Animation episode 4 and I got an idea for Chapter 3. After being told she needs to focus more on survival, Kiriko is going to organize a party (so that everyone watches each other), while secretly knowing some students won't agree to come and thus plotting her crime unbeknownst to the others. One of the activities will be singing karaoke of this song. :P Anyway, the confirmed couple won't appear to spend some time with each other while several students won't appear too due to believing there is no place for such fun events after the deaths of their friends.
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    • It seems interesting. I'll help out, but I need to understand how the crimes happened.

      Also if we are going to do a RR:DR who do you suggest to be the culprits?

        Loading editor
    • Also another suggestion about your story, make sure you try to be original. Don't copy too much scenarios so new motives, new murders and the fifth trial should be special because of something never done before. Like maybe there is multiple killers and you need vote just one?

        Loading editor
    • For the culprits I'd suggest some characters you'd expect (Josee, Jacques, MacArthur, Stephanie) and some you wouldn't (maybe Mickey out of fear?).

      As for the motives, they're important for the plot so I'm fine with them, especially since this killing game is meant to be a test for the next one. The first motive is actually a one rather original, as Monokuma threatens he'll kill one of the most useful students. This is a little like the threat in the first chapter of V3, but not entirely, since in that one Monokuma threatened to kill everyone if the game didn't started.

      Another thing that hasn't been done is Soshun getting away with his crime. Since he was the only survivor of the Student Council killing game and I wanted to reference that, it was a great chance for this opportunity since it should be easy for the students to mess up at the trial, but it's not usually done in order to develop characters and have the happy ending.

      I actually didn't think of the details behind how the crimes happened. I came up with the motives, who kills who, and only how it happened for the first two ones. The rest is among the things I'll need help with.

      For the first crime, I was thinking of a knife as a weapon in order to reference Tomohiko's weapon from the actual killing game. As was mentioned in the post above, he'd go to kill Aiko, believing she is the weakest one and wanting to protect the most useful ones of the group (in order to protect as many people as he can). She'd manage to dodge his attack, causing him to trip, hit his head against something hard (wardrobe?), losing his consciousness and dropping his knife. Aiko, being afraid of death (as we could see in the actual game), would take the opportunity and use Tomohiko's knife against him, stabbing him in the chest while he was still lying on the ground.

      I think I may include blood on the wardrobe as a clue, though I have no idea why they'd go investigating to Aiko's room. :P

      As for the second one, Karen will attempt to test whether NG Code is a bluff and go upstairs, to the part of the apartment where her mother is locked. Ryouta, who had the same plan but dropped it after his friends' advises, would happen to witness it and try to stop her. They'd get into a fight where Ryouta will lose one of his teddy bears on the floor and be pushed by Karen on the forbidden stairs, causing him to die out of NG Code.

      I haven't come up with the details for the next three crimes, especially the last one that is supposed to be a "perfect crime" that will not end with the killer being undetected but also an innocent person being successfully framed. The details of the next three murders and the clues are the things I need help with.

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    • Just tell me what you want and I'll try to help. I don't want to control the story which is why before I make suggestion I need your cooperation. I have an idea on how the perfect murder would be pulled out, like Monokuma doesn't know who the killer is, or made a mistake in assuming on who the culprit was. Like for example, the victim was killed long before, but he had a doppleganger or replacement. That person was killed by someone else and that's why they became the blackened, the original killer doesn't count since Monokuma doesn't even know they exist. That's my idea, but I don't if you would like it or not.

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    • As for the first crime, here is my idea about te wardrobe. Aiko switch her wardrobe with  Tomohiko's, but there is something on it that proves it doesn't belong to him. Like there was a stain on Tomohiko's, but is no longer around or when Aiko switched out the contents of hers and Tomohiko's, she left something that proves it belongs to a girl like a sewing kit.

      As for how to accuse her, we should look on who Tomohiko targetted and probably make it look like Tomohiko was planning to frame the victim themselves as the killer, by making it look like a suicide. Something in the "sucide note" should indicate who the target was and in turn who killed Tomohiko. That is the part I'm not so sure so you should try coming up with one since it is your story. That's my advise overall right now.

        Loading editor
    • That's a very good idea. Unfortunately, I can't use it because there isn't any doppleganger planned and Soshun is meant to intentionally kill someone (Daiko), as he temporarily fell into despair after his crush's (Kotomi's) death from the previous chapter and because he knew no one's going to survive if they agreed for the potential trial with the mastermind. I'm fine with Monokuma knowing who was the killer since he shouldn't interfere in the trial, but if Soshun destroyed the cameras or something (possibly to avoid a potential Monokuma's slip of a tongue), I gotta admit this would make things even more interesting.

      This is another good idea. Though we need to think of one more thing if we were to use that. Why would Aiko switch her wardrobe with Tomohiko's in the first place?

      As for Tomohiko's victim, I included that part in the first post. Tomohiko, being the Ultimate Bodyguard, wanted to save everyone, just like our protagonist and his crush. However, when Monokuma revealed the first motive would be that he'd kill one of the most valuable students by himself, Tomohiko's mindset changed. He became worried he would be killed and even if that'd be someone else, he wasn't in favour of letting someone precious die, especially since they may be useful in potential encounter with the mastermind. So, in order to save the most people possible, Tomohiko decided to start the game by killing someone he considered the weakest - Aiko. This also references what he did in the actual killing game, although the roles of murder and victim are reversed.

      A suicide note would be a good idea. Although at this point the students didn't know about the trials, Tomohiko, not wanting the others to lose trust in him, will write a suicide note "from Aiko" where "she" explains "she" wanted to commit suicide, so that no one would think she was murdered.

      As for the wardrobe and suicide note, how about making Aiko somehow find out Tomohiko's note without him knowing? Like, it could fell out of his pocket or something. Instead of switching the furniture, she could simply break into his previous room (as now he lives with other "useful" male students). Tomohiko wouldn't find her in her room (btw another clue would be that someone visibly broke into her and Tomohiko's rooms). Unfortunately for Aiko, he'd come back to his old room to think about what to do next, where he'd find her. Rest will go as I mentioned earlier. Oh, and also Aiko will keep the fake suicide note because she's afraid of dying and if the others found out, she'd be targeted as the culprit (rightfully). Monokuma will force her to show the note once she will be voted as the blackened anyway. And she won't resits at that point since she was already voted as the culprit.

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    • This is becoming too complicated. The reason to switch the furniture is to hide that her wardrobe was damage at the attack and make it look like the crime scene was Tomohikos room. Also she has no reason to go his room, because if she knew he was far her, she would probably tell the others or never even go to the room. I mean if I was the culprit I would try to make the crime look as simple as possible and make it look like a breakthrough. It's the first case, don't need to make it super complicated. Save that for chapter 5.

        Loading editor
    • You're right.

      Good, so the clues for first chapter's murder are:

      • Soshun's testimony - he saw Tomohiko leaving the "useful" boys' room.
      • The switched wardrobe in Tomohiko's room with some blood on it and something that'd suggest Aiko was involved (perhaps she left some clothes or part of it inside?).
      • Tomohiko's suicide note meant to be "written by Aiko" so no one would be suspected. This clue won't be used because that'd make it too simple, but Aiko will show it once already proved as the blackened.

      Hm, some more would be needed because the second one already suggests who the killer was. Maybe something that would point at someone else?

        Loading editor
    • I've came up with the red herring for the trial.

      Tomohiko will choose himself, Soshun, Kotomi, Sousuke (Politician) and Ryouta (Sharpshooter) as the "useful" members. Karen will be against discriminating the "non-useful" ones, so it'll make her the first potential culprit. There should be also some clue in Tomohiko's room that would point at her and she'll need some testimony or another evidence that would confirm she wasn't there at the moment of the crime (in the night).

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