My name is Caillou McFadigan and I live at LOL, 69 Pianist Street. Caillou is a bald little child and his family never hug him as shown, and he sounds like Judy Garland when he says ' a hiding plaaaaacccceee.....' and then Caillou PASSED AWAY at the age of 49. Rosie then cried when Caillou forced her out of his stupid hiding place...........................IN THE LOUD HOUSE IN THE LOUD HOUSE I'M IN THE LOUD HOUSE NOBODY GIVES A DAMN ABOUT CRY-POO You dare me full at if you know that an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a bar I'd have thought that at least one of them would have ducked. I really hate little blocks. Caillou does not exist except for the baby show character.